SPC Trade
Since its establishment in 1980, SPC has become recognized in the industry as a prominent maunfacurer of pneumatic0related products. SPC has been serving the industry worldwide, to numerous manufacturing entities in over 23 countries (e.g. United States, Germany, England, Italy, Denmark, Spain, France, etc.) that utilize both the inch and metric measurement system.

SPC take much pride in its development and offering of products based upon the highest quality assurance (ISO 9001:2000), automated manufacturing capabilities, engineering & mechanical precision, functional design, and extremely competitive pricing.
New Product
SPC is offering a special price on all 8mm PPM fittings, the Bulkhead Union in plastic. PPM08 is convertible to PPM5/16" and lighter than PMM, bulkhead union in metal. SPC's item of the week, $1.13/net
SPC Trade would like to introduce the new item called, G-Thread. Features: Functional one-touch design facilitates an instant tubing connection, BSPP-British Standard Pipe Parallel, universal thread..
New Service
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