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BM-Pneumatic Exhaust Muffler

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Quick Overview

BM-Series mufflers utilize porous sintered bronze filter element secured to standard pipe fittings. These compact and inexpensive mufflers are easy to install and maintain, particularly suitable where space is limited. They are used to diffuse air and muffle noise from the exhaust ports of air valves, air cylinders and air tools to an acceptable level within OSHA noise requirements.

BM-Series mufflers can also be used as filters for gasoline, oil and air exhaust and intake filtering; coalescing of oil mist or water vapor;cryogenic phase separation;pressure of vacuum equalization and many others.

Unit should be mounted in a protective position free from excessive vibration. Use wrench on hex head to tighten unit device. Standard unit contains a 40 micron element, and 10 or 90 micron units are available on special order.
Name Description Thread Size Price Qty Add to Cart
BM-88 R Thread (BSPT) 1"
BM-38 R Thread (BSPT) 3/8"
BM-08 R Thread (BSPT) 10-32UNF
BM-SAE#4 N Thread (NPT) 7/16"-20
BMS-128 R Thread (BSPT) 1-1/4"
BMS-48 R Thread (BSPT) 1/2"
BMS-18 R Thread (BSPT) 1/8"
BM-48 R Thread (BSPT) 1/2"
BM-18 R Thread (BSPT) 1/8"
BM-SAE#6 N Thread (NPT) 9/16-൚
BMS-148 R Thread (BSPT) 1-1/2"
BMS-68 R Thread (BSPT) 3/4"
BMS-28 R Thread (BSPT) 1/4"
BM-68 R Thread (BSPT) 3/4"
BM-28 R Thread (BSPT) 1/4"
BM-SAE#8 N Thread (NPT) 3/4"-16
BMS-200 R Thread (BSPT) 2"
BMS-88 R Thread (BSPT) 1"
BMS-38 R Thread (BSPT) 3/8"
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