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NSE–Flow Controller– (IN)

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Name Tube Size Thread Type Thread Size Price Qty Add to Cart
NSE5/16NO2-I 5/16" N Thread (NPT) 1/4"-IN
NSE0601-I 6mm R Thread (RPT) 1/8"-IN
NSE06M5-I 6mm R Thread (RPT) M5"-IN
NSE5/32U10-I 5/32" N Thread (NPT) 5/32"-IN
NSE0803-I 8mm R Thread (RPT) 3/8"-IN
NSE3/8NO4-I 3/8" N Thread (NPT) 1/2"-IN
NSE1/4NO3-I 1/4" N Thread (NPT) 3/8"-IN
NSE5/16NO3-I 5/16" N Thread (NPT) 3/8"-IN
NSE04M5-I 4mm R Thread (RPT) M5"-IN
NSE0603-I 6mm R Thread (RPT) 3/8"-IN
NSE1/2NO3-I 1/2" N Thread (NPT) 3/8"-IN
NSE0802-I 8mm R Thread (RPT) 1/4"-IN
NSE5/16NO1-I 5/16" N Thread (NPT) 1/4"-IN
NSE1003-I 10mm R Thread (RPT) 3/8"-IN
NSE3/8NO2-I 3/8" N Thread (NPT) 1/4"-IN
NSE1/4NO1-I 1/4" N Thread (NPT) 1/8"-IN
NSE0401-I 4mm R Thread (RPT) 1/8"-IN
NSE0602-I 6mm R Thread (RPT) 1/4"-IN
NSE1/2NO4-I 1/2" N Thread (NPT) 1/2"-IN
NSE0801-I 8mm R Thread (RPT) 1/8"-IN
NSE5/32NO1-I 5/32" N Thread (NPT) 1/4"-IN
NSE1002-I 10mm R Thread (RPT) 1/4"-IN
NSE3/8NO3-I 3/8" N Thread (NPT) 3/8"-IN
NSE1/4NO2-I 1/4" N Thread (NPT) 1/4"-IN
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