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D200 Multi-Stage Vacuum Pump

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Quick Overview

This new D200 series brings together the high performance expected from a multiple stage
generator and great pricing to provide unprecedented value.
Multiple-stage generators harness the energy of the discharge exhaust to provide additional
vacuum flow in the mid- to low-vacuum ranges. This additional performance requires no
additional air consumption, and the advantage is clearly illustrated in the graph below. Smart
design makes this D200 generator low in profile, high in efficiency, and lightweight. The light
construction makes it the smart choice for remote or point-of-application use due to the low
mass and low profile characteristics. The multi-stage design provides impressive flow rates for
rapid evacuation.
The fitting-ready inlet port, integral muffler and filter screen provide great value by leaving
nothing else to buy and eliminates clumsy looking assemblies. These advantages do not
compromise performance. PVI's multi-stage generators, with the full circle generation feature,
deliver impressive performance. All D200 models have identical envelope dimensions and are
easily interchanged.

• Multiple-Venturi High Efficiency
• Lightweight (180 grams)
• Low Profile (30mm high)
• Integral Muffler and Filter Screen
• Push-to-Connect Input Connection
• Manifold Mountable
Vacuum Level @72 psi (5BAR) Air Consumption Name Price Qty Add to Cart
20 in-Hg 3.1 scfm D200-M05
20 in-Hg 4.9 scfm D200-M07
27 in-Hg 3.7 scfm D200-H06
27 in-Hg 6.4 scfm D200-H08
20 in-Hg 3.7 scfm D200-M06
27 in-Hg 3.1 scfm D200-H05
20 in-Hg 6.4 scfm D200-M08
27 in-Hg 4.9 scfm D200-H07
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