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H-II Vacuum Pump Series

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Quick Overview

The H-II generator is sleek in design and high in performance. It has the capability of being horizontally stacked in a row in order to provide multiple independent vacuum sources… a pair of common threaded rods is all that is required. The width of each H-II is only 20mm, so plenty of vacuum capacity can be placed in a limited space. The threaded front vacuum port is a uniquely handy feature.
Options include bottom vacuum port and internal filter.
Vacuum Level @65 psi Air Consumption Name Price Qty Add to Cart
20 in-Hg 2.6 scfm H2M05
20 in-Hg 4.9 scfm H2M07
20 in-Hg 3.6 scfm H2M06
20 in-Hg 2.0 scfm H2M04
27 in-Hg 4.9 scfm H2H07
27 in-Hg 3.6 scfm H2H06
27 in-Hg 2.0 scfm H2H04
27 in-Hg 2.6 scfm H2H05
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