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High-Flow Series Vacuum Pump

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In the spirit of continuing innovation, PVI introduces the new HIGH-FLOW (HF) vacuum generator. The HIGH-FLOW is a straight-through design where the induced air proceeds to the exhaust port in a straight and unimpeded fashion. Through the use of an innovative radial venturi, the compressed air port connection is located on the side of the unit. The induced airflow is free to travel through a large diameter passage. This design produces a large induced air amplification factor. This means you get impressive flows for very little air consumed. The large diameter through-passage design is very clog resistant and can even handle small particle transfer.
The HF series is currently available in two models. Both models have identical envelope dimensions and are easily interchanged.

• Air Amplification for Cooling, Purging or Blow-off
• Porous Material Pickup
• Contaminated Material Pickup
• Small Material Transfer
Vacuum Level @65 psi Air Consumption Name Price Qty Add to Cart
20 in-Hg 5.5 scfm HF-009
27 in-Hg 6.5 scfm HF-011
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