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New Specialty Fittings

SPC Company is now offering more lines of Sang-A Pneumatic specialty fittings. For now, we are not carrying stock and only offering these as NCNR (no cancellations, no returns). As demand grows, we can carry stock in the future to reduce lead-times. In the meantime, please allow up to 3 months for delivery, and as usual, we are also able to offer expedited shipping.

All parts are washed, assembled, and packed in a clean room.

Use the following webpage to search for parts: Sang-A Specialty Fittings Lookup (

One-Touch Options:

Stainless Steel 316 Fittings

  • For: water, air, oil, & steam

  • 0~290 psi

  • -4~302°F | -20~200°C

The most versatile and best option for heat and chemical applications.

Heat Resistant Fittings

  • For: water, air, oil, & steam

  • 0~290 psi (varies)

  • -4~284°F | -20~150°C

Good for heat and chemical applications.

Chemical Resistant Fittings

  • For: water, air, & oil

  • 0~290 psi (varies)

  • -4~248°F | -20~120°C

Good for chemical applications.

Clean Fittings

  • For: water & air

  • 0~150 psi (varies)

  • -4~176°F | -20~80°C

  • Completely oil free

Best option for clean air and clean fluid applications. Available in resin and SUS304 thread bodies.

Two-Touch Options:

Chemical Resistant Fittings

Clean FIttings

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