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Hygiene Mask In all orders over $100

Dear Valued SPC Customers,

I wanted to thank all of you for your hard work during these hard times. These are tough times and we know that things are not as they were before. As we get adjusted to what is going on and prepare to get back to normal, SPC wants to do what we can to help. As part of our Summer Promotion, we will be providing our disposable hygiene work masks to customers on orders over certain amounts.

Rest assured our masks are not taking away from the PPE on the front-lines. Our masks are not for medical use but are perfect for use in working environments. All our masks will be offered at $1.75 each and we have a 5 pack for $8.50, we have limited supply and are selling them at cost. We will ship them with your orders so please feel free to inquire when placing your orders. We will provide a small discount on bulk orders, as we are not trying to make a profit but rather trying to help our communities and our customers get everyone back to work safely.

The Package on left contain 5 Mask in each pack, about 1000 packs available @ $8.50 each pack. The Package on the right contains 1 Mask per pack @ $1.75 each about 15K in stock. Both are very high quality and have hydrophobic front and back layers, comfortable and breathable.

If you need more information regarding this or want to discuss bulk orders please feel free to contact me directly @ 310 320 3748.

Best regards,

Andrew Park

General Manager

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