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Product Change Notification

Just like the GIF below, there is a rolling product change notification for our Inch Fittings.

For those who are familiar with SPC, we have already made the changes to all of the metric fittings, and apart from very slow moving items have all been upgraded to the new style. Now we are applying the same changes to our Inch products. Please find the PCN Notice and the Revised Fitting List below as files for your reference:

Download PDF • 141KB
Download PDF • 389KB

Description of Change: SPC Inch products have been reduced in size and weight while increasing the working pressure and making quality improvements.

Details of potential Impact to Customers: This is a rolling change. Customers can expect to receive mixed inventory until current inventory levels have been depleted.

Please review the documents provide and contact us if you have any issues or concerns.

Best regards,

Andrew Park

SPC General Manager

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